Damper Depth8"
DescriptionHeavy Duty Fire Damper Rated For (4) Four Hours to BD 476, Part 20 and NFPA 130 (250 C/1 HR)
Max Face Velocity5000 FPM
Max Pressure30 in. wg
Max Temperature482 F

Damper Depth9-1/2"
DescriptionExtruded Aluminum Airfoil Tunnel Damper, 250 C/1 HR, Thermal Shock Construction, 6,000,000 Transient Pressure Reversals
Max Face Velocity4000 FPM
Max Pressure21 in. wg
Max Temperature482 F


AWV’s transit dampers are designed to be used as life saving equipment to ensure smoke and toxic fumes are extracted efficiently in road tunnels, rail tunnels and underground metro stations. They also provide a protective barrier to keep fire away from ventilating fans and silencers.

These robust, multi-bladed dampers are operated by a range of actuators - both pneumatic and electric - and can fail safe in either open or closed positions. Fully enclosed position indication switches can also be provided to communicate blade positions back to the main system controls.

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