American Warming & Ventilating historical picture

American Warming and Ventilating was created as a division of American Furnace and Foundry Company in Bloomington, Indiana. The company began as a regional contractor that installed gravity heating systems.

American Warming & Ventilating historical picture

AWV was still a contractor in the mid 1940's when the development of forced warm air heating systems dictated a change in direction. This change was bought about when Fred A. Merry bought AWV and diversified the company's manufacturing to include air control equipment. Furnace contracting was gradually phased out and full emphasis was placed on the design and manufacture of louvers, dampers, and shutters. Merry moved the company to Toledo, Ohio.

American Warming & Ventilating historical picture

The company again changed hands. Under the direction of E.H. Johnson, AWV's sales increased by 800% over the next 14 years. During this time, lasting relationships were established. In 1962, manufacturing was transferred to two new facilities in Ohio and Michigan.

In 1963, AWV patented the first Drainable Blade Louver.

AWV became a wholly owned subsidiary of ENTELCO. Extensive representation was built throughout the US, and in Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico and South Africa.

AWV's 5,000 square foot AMCA-certified testing facility was completed at the Bradner,
Ohio plant. This facility exceeds standards set by AMCA. AWV also took a leading role
in the establishment of AMCA Division Five (louver, damper and shutter group).

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AWV's headquarters moved from downtown Toledo, Ohio to brand new office facilities in Maumee, Ohio. After assembling one of the finest design engineering groups in the industry, AWV enjoyed record growth during this period. The product line expanded to include custom air control equipment used in multiple fields like adjustable louvers and isolation dampers. The products are used in commercial and industrial construction, fossil and nuclear power generation facilities, institutional and health care units, and educational buildings.

AWV became one of five independently operating companies acquired by Mestek, Inc. These companies manufacture standard and custom adjustable louvers and isolation dampers to satisfy most every need for intake control, light and heavy duty industrial applications, and sophisticated fire/smoke control.

AWV received a patent for the first Sightproof-Drainable blade louver.

We're looking forward to the next 100 years and new designs as we lead the industry into the 21st century .