Color Chart

Kynar® and Baked Enamel Finishes

Kynar Color Chart

Gloss, shade and tone may vary from color chips shown due to different computer monitor calibrations. A metal color sample is recommended for approval. AWV reserves the right to change or delete any color or finish without notice.


Fluropon® should be specified when superior resistance to color fading and chalking is essential. Factory applied and oven-cured, Fluropon is made with 70% PVDF (Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000®) resins and durable ceramic pigments. Fluropon is unsurpassed in its resistance to the damaging UV rays of the sun. It's resistant to general air pollution and will not whiten or pit when exposed to moist environments, such as rain, dew, fog, salt air, and acid rain.

Fluropon is available in a wide range of colors, many of which can be produced on The Valspar Corporation's Mix & Match™ system in our Bradner, Ohio facility.

Actual Florida exposure studies show that Fluropon, made with 70% PVDF resin, far surpasses all other types of coating for long life with good looks. Fluropon meets or exceeds AAMA 2605 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) specifications.


AmerFlur™ is a factory-applied, baked enamel system that meets the performance specification AAMA 2603. Through a unique combination of acrylic and fluoropolymer resins, AmerFlur provides excellent hardness and mar resistance in a solventborne, baked enamel system. It equals or exceeds the hardness of other acrylic, polyester, and urethane coatings, including powder coating alternatives.

AmerFlur is available in a wide range of colors and glosses. It is also an appropriate choice when an economical exterior coating is required in low UV environments.

Other Coating & Finishes

Fluoropolymer coating in metallic, pearlescent, and exotic formulations is also available in Fluropon Classic®, Fluropon Classic® II and Fluropon® Premiere. In addition, AWV can apply other specialized coatings selected for specific chemical environments or to complement roofing, window, panel and siding systems. Please contact the factory for special pricing.

Anodized Finishes

Clear anodizing pre-oxidizes aluminum surfaces to provide a uniform satin finish that resists the natural oxidizing that normally occurs with mill finish aluminum. The 204R1 clear (AA-M12C22A31) provides 0.4 mil coating thickness and is used for normal weather exposure. The 215R1 clear (AA-M12C22A41) provides 0.7 mil coating thickness and is recommended when severe corrosive or abrasive atmospheric conditions exists.

Color anodizing in light, medium, dark bronze or black (AA0-M12C22A44) electronically deposits color pigment to achieve a 0.7 mil coating thickness.

Anodized finishes are only available on aluminum.

Performance Properties Fluropon® Amerflur™
Aluminum Aluminum
Salt Spray
ASTM B 117
Hours: 3,000
Scribe: Rating 10, no creepage
Field: Rating 10, no blisters
Hours: 1,500
Scribe: No more than 1/32" (1 mm)
No field blisters
ASTM D 2247
Hours: 4,000
Rating 10, no blisters
Hours: 1,500
No creep from scribe or field blisters
Pencil Hardness
ASTM D 3363
F minimum 2H-5H
Specular Gloss
ASTM D 523
20-35 at 60° 25-65 at 60°
Accelerated Weathering
ASTM D 3361
(Dew Cycle Weatherometer)
Hours: 1,000 total
Chalk: Rating 8
Color: 5ΔE Hunter units max
Hours: 500 total
Chalk: Rating 8
Color: 5ΔE Hunter units max

Fluropon® and Fluropon Classic are registered trademarks of The Valspar Corporation. AmerFlur™ is American Warming and Ventilating's trademark name for The Valspar Corporation's trademark Flurocryl™.