Architectural Grilles

Architectural grilles are typically used to provide for ventilation or exhaust air, while offering defense against vision, water and noise intrusion, while limiting the visibility of mechanical equipment on or near the building. Our grilles are designed to give architects aesthetic flexibility to enhance the building’s appearance while providing reliable functionality.

AWV is dedicated to innovation and has comprehensive design capabilities. While our website and literature provide a general overview of our capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to develop solutions that satisfy your project’s unique requirements.

AWV is a member of the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) and our product performance is AMCA certified.

Benefits of AWV Grilles

  • AWV architectural grilles are aesthetically pleasing
  • Our grilles are manufactured with reliable structural integrity in mind
  • We offer a broad range of standard and custom grille designs to accommodate a variety of architectural styles

Browse our standard Grilles below, and contact us today to discuss your specific project's needs.

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