Architectural Sunshades

AWV sunshades give architects the utmost flexibility in aesthetic choice to beautify the building’s appearance, while providing a degree of solar shading. We offer an extraordinary range of sunshades in a variety of shapes, finishes, and mounting arrangements to allow for dynamic architectural effects.

Benefits of AWV Sunshades

  • AWV sunshades provide a degree of solar shading, which reduces cooling loads and energy costs
  • We offer a wide range of shapes, patterns, and sizes for blades or fill-in panels, outriggers, and facia styles.
  • Our sunshades are virtually maintenance-free due to light-weight extrudedaluminum construction
  • Typically, our sunshades are manufactured using non-welded construction,but welded construction can also be provided if desired

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Cost-effective, custom sunshades promote aesthetics & functionality at the University of Michigan. Download our case study to learn more.